As your OBM I am your right hand, your biggest Cheerleader and Business Growth Partner!
Managing proactively your Operations, Systems, Metrics and Team is just the beginning…

Lara Hampe

My Story

My name is Lara. Born and raised in Germany, but I’ve always had wanderlust and the urge to see more, explore more, learn more…. 

I left Germany in 2018 with the plan to travel around the world for about 5 years. And as much as I love to plan, my plan of a world trip didn’t work out.
Instead, I now live in Australia, a country that never appealed to me and that I now love. 

After over 10 years in the hospitality and events industry, I know all too well the feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day. 

There’s just always something to do, the to-do list keeps getting longer, and you feel like you’re falling behind. 

It can be frustrating to always have to react and rush from one fire to the next. 

I learned how important it is to have a structured plan, detailed SOPs and workflows, a well-functioning team and the right systems in place.

“I have always enjoyed optimising workflows, training new team members, and seeing a business improve even through small changes.”

I tried different online jobs while I was travelling. It took me a while to realise that the ideal job was right in front of me. Exactly what I’ve been doing successfully and passionately for the last few years – managing businesses! The only difference is that now I do it remotely!

I don’t believe that a degree or certificate is necessary to be good in a job, especially in the fast-paced online world that changes every second. Nevertheless, I decided to become a Certified Online Business Manager. I wanted to make sure that I could provide the best possible support to my clients. 

I have also been following Ellie OBM for some time now and have also taken her CEO Support Method course and am grateful for all the tips and tricks I have learned from her. 

For me, it’s important to keep challenging myself, but also to stay on top of my game. 

I learn from every new client, every course and coaching I attend. I learn from the mistakes and successes of myself and my colleagues. It’s a never-ending process!